Address: Jr. Santa Rosa ex, Jirón Sta. Rosa 253, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru


Enoc Caldera Enoc Caldera

Excellent tipical food at fair price

8 months ago

Marta Rondon Marta Rondon

Good food. Generous servings. Professional staff. Clean restrooms. Distinguished guests. A traditional spot in downtown Lima, where local business people and high level civil servants lunch and gather for coffee and drinks.

2 years ago

Susan Rafanan Susan Rafanan

I ordered the lomo with yellow sauce. The beef smelled a little funny and food overall was ok. The carrot cake was excellent though. At the beginning of our meal we were given one basket of bread with 4 small pieces of bread in it. We expected this to be complimentary free bread as we didn't order it. However when the bill came, they charged us for 2 x pan(bread) wich added 6.35 to the bill. I know it's a small amount but I hate things added to the bill which we didn't order at all. Also, interesting to note they added about 7% on the bill for servicios. When asked about it, it was for the table setting. So w tipped on top of that. I would rate the food 3.0, but the overall experience is 2.0 due to all the added things in the bill that I don't agree with.

2 years ago

Bo Jung Seo Bo Jung Seo


a year ago


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