Salsa Restaurant

Salsa Restaurant

Address: Neumanns gate 25, 5015 Bergen, Norway


Kristine Nilsen Andreassen Kristine Nilsen Andreassen

Used to work at Salsa before as a chef trainee. Been a while since I've been there, and the restaurant is just getting better and better. The food, drinks and the service was superb. Thumbs up Salsa πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

5 months ago

sibasis mukherjee sibasis mukherjee

One of the best places i had food ever. The spare ribs , the chicken roja were mouthwatering. The desserts that we had were the best i have ever had in Bergen. The service the ambiance was so good. Felt like staying back for a while and yes we did after our food. Definitely worth it..

a year ago

Thomas G Thomas G

Fantastic Spareribs, nice drinks and outstanding service. Highly recommended!

a year ago

Vinojan Soori Vinojan Soori

The food it's just πŸ‘Œ and people working there 😁 only thing I won't recommend there. Don't you ever ask for spicy sauce. I nearly died

2 months ago

Grim F. Moberg Grim F. Moberg

Fantastic food. Exellent drinks. Friendly staff. One of the aboslute best in Bergen!

a year ago


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