Address: 11 Sherif Khimshiashvili St, Batumi, Georgia


Merve Türker Merve Türker

I think this is the most interesting building in the city. We were bored in Batumi within a day.

5 months ago

ניצן חן ניצן חן

The service was great, the food was bad. The “fruit juice” was orange juice from bottle in a small glass (looks like fresh but not), the margarita pizza tasted like supermarket pizza and the rice and vegetables had tons of oil.

9 months ago

مبارك الدوسري مبارك الدوسري

Good food and tamata nice girl and good service

9 months ago

Flor Turiace Flor Turiace

Two of my friends got sick eating and drinking here, they both vomited. The personal working here did not offer help or care at all, did not even consider that some of their products could be in bad state. They just wanted us to pay the over-priced food that we practically didnt eat. We havent eat or drink anything before coming here.

8 months ago

Agnieszka Orzel Agnieszka Orzel

Good food and nice staff

8 months ago


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