Hostel Museum Propido

Hostel Museum Propido

Address: 11000, Brankova 19, Beograd 11000, Serbia


Francesc Zamora Francesc Zamora

Sure, I've seen much better places, but you get what you pay for as they say. The location is good and the staff was very friendly when I was there. Otherwise the rooms are noisy and everything could be much cleaner but still a cheap hostel. Ok for one night.

9 months ago

Anıl Can Şenol Anıl Can Şenol

It is not a hostel first of all and the owners let thieves steal your stuff!

3 months ago

Dm de Chpx Dm de Chpx

Worst experience of my life! Hotel dirty and inhospitable! Everything smelled of urine and cigarettes! We did not feel safe at all! Our door closed only thanks to a nail! At night we heard tears and cries. TO AVOID !!!

9 months ago

Ivana Mador Bozinovic Ivana Mador Bozinovic

Most digusting place ever. We stayed there only for one night and it was the worst hostel/hotel experience ever. Whole place is really really dirty and stinky. Bed sheets are old and smelly, room is damp, locks are barely working. Worst thing is the bathroom - wet, dirty, slippy. We had to rest before the flight in the morning, but I didn't sleep at all in those conditions. You can also hear everything from outside. One good thing is the WIFI. I don't recommend you to come here EVER! Don't be fooled by those cosy pictures.

a year ago

Cserny Mátyás Cserny Mátyás

Nice people, good place, cheap.

9 months ago


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