Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace

Address: Topličin venac 23, Beograd 11000, Serbia


Eroll Bilibani Eroll Bilibani

When you travel frequently, and visit many hotels, the only comfort you look for is hot running water, comfortable bed and pillow and that’s it. This hotel had none of the above. Add to it loud conversations of the hotel staff in the corridors and your stay is ruined. The only star they deserve is for a decent (nothing special thou) breakfast. Otherwise this hotel doesn’t deserve any stars in the review. Avoid it at all costs.

2 months ago

Srdjan Chanich Srdjan Chanich

Very old nice hotel in central Belgrade area. Kind of James Bond trip inside.

6 months ago

DizzyDesireFilms DizzyDesireFilms

various bars and foodfood gathered in one place feeled with diverse entertainment content

6 months ago

Giouli S. Giouli S.

Disgusting bed, ready to fall down.Bed sheets so old!!Filthy carpets.Elevator so old,stucked between the floors.Needs a good renovation!Good location.

4 months ago

Drazen Zacero Drazen Zacero

Really don't understand why this hotel have 4 stars. It is level of the students dorms but with better rooms. Service is sometimes acting like not interested, rarely I got coffee breaks there which I paid for groups in advance, without intervention and loosing too much time and energy on that. Or they disturb you while working to check if you paid something which you did. For that they are agile, but coffee breaks not happening without crisis management. They are way too much expensive for what you get. Restaurant is great, though.

a year ago


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