Bahá'í Gardens Haifa

Bahá'í Gardens Haifa

Address: Hatzionut Ave 80, Haifa, Israel


PM Velankar PM Velankar

Bahai Gardens and Shrine It is generally referred to as The Baha'i Temple, or Baha'i Gardens. From one of the information boards which I read and photographed I think it should really be called "The Shrine of the Bab Terraces and Gardens". But, The Baha'i Temple, or Baha'i Gardens is much more convenient. We entered from the gate at Hatzionut Avenue. Ours was the first group of that day as they were still in the process of cleaning and setting up the paraphernalia, tables, digital counter, sun umbrella etc. I took the opportunity to photograph couple of information boards. However it did not take too long and we entered . The way the pathway was lined on both sides by hedges which were cut and maintained with geometrical, and mathematical precision, the evenly grown mature trees gave us a foretaste of the wonder and beauty that awaited us. First we were led to Shrine of the Bab. It is domed building of simple design with clean lines. Very calm and serene inside. There after went around the garden area of that terrace. A central focal point with various designs like concentric circles, eight pointed star. From some such points walk oaths radiated out ward ,. Some had to be gone around. Such focal points seemed to be evenly spaced throughout the terrace. There are beautiful statues if peacocks. Boundary pillars of this terrace had statues of ferocious looking eagles, some with spread wings and some with folded. Huge beautiful ornamental plant holders mounted on pedastle were placed all along the passages. Very beautuflul. We were pressed for time so did not see all of the garden and 18 terraces. This was one of the best planned and maintained garden in the world ! May be YES. We were pressed for time so did not see all of the garden and 18 terraces.

5 months ago

Emilio Emilio

Just beautiful, a must to visit if you pass by Haifa!

2 months ago

Gilbert Santana Gilbert Santana

There are 3 points of view, top, middle, and bottom. Only in the middle u can go to the shrine (9-12am), top n bottom only 1 level or 2 levels.

3 months ago

Cicis Pizza Cicis Pizza

This gardens is unbelievable designed spotless holy ground, I was speechless when was there,

2 months ago

Hooshmand Naraghi Hooshmand Naraghi

Oh, my Lord; Truly, a place where you are as closest the presence of God; all can be experienced in this magical gardens. I'm resurrected; my spirit is reborn again with Spirit of Truth! O, God, the Most Great God!

5 months ago


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