Jeremy Thomas Jeremy Thomas

Ornate basilica found on one of Valetta's narrow streets. Given the city's grid pattern, and its relative uniformity in building height, this important building is practically hiding in plain sight! It's not easy to capture a photo that shows the full exterior, but inside it's gorgeous and the staff are friendly.

5 months ago

Tom Yenk Tom Yenk

Looks wonderful from the exterior but sadly it was closed.

a year ago

gio vasquez gio vasquez

Was such a beautiful church, absolutely amazing architecture. Would definitely recommend others to see for themselves.

a year ago

Marko Vrndzic Marko Vrndzic

Beautiful Basilica, definitely worth a visit.

6 months ago

Albert Buttigieg Albert Buttigieg

Very ornate church with paintings, marble & historically one of the first churches in Valletta. The current restoration is bringing back the glorious past of the temple

11 months ago


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