George Joy Pettah George Joy Pettah

The only church complex in Doha and serves almost all denominations of Christians. On a sprawling campus. With a huge parking lot. Elaborate security measures and very minimalistic architectural cues. The interiors of the church are calm and soothing. Colours of the sky is the main theme inside. Enough seating for a large congregation.

4 months ago

David Waigwa David Waigwa

It was a Friday morning but could have passed for a Sunday morning. This is the second mass (next to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome) that I have attended that was filled with so many people from different parts of the world! It was amazing to attend mass in a foreign country and be able to participate just like back at home.

4 months ago

We Are Panolas We Are Panolas

The only one Catholic Church in Qatar. It becomes nicer and nicer as time goes by. There are masses in different languages which is great.

a month ago

Aaron Edwin Aaron Edwin

Divine, neatly maintained, Vary spacious, ample car space.

2 months ago

roshan wilfred roshan wilfred

It's really good that atleast one church is there in Qatar. And schedule everything is perfect. Support of Qatar police during special occasions are so helpful.

4 months ago


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