Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill

Address: Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guilin, Guangxi, China


Christine Lee Christine Lee

Beautiful park; you can choose to.tour the place in a minibus. You can choose to purchase the photos taken by the professional staff photographers - 30 yuan per piece which comes in a nice sliver coloured frame; just decline if you do.not want your photo taken. Complimentary -.your photo framed in a small key chain ; you only receive it if you allow your photo to be taken by the professional staff photographers.

4 months ago

Gogoland Go Gogoland Go

The environmental management here is very good. I really appreciate. I love this city.

a year ago

Rui Guo Rui Guo

One of the most famous spots in Guilin.

2 years ago

Rajawali Robert Rajawali Robert

Elephant Hill Scenic Area is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guilin. The name of this place is derived from rocky mountains that resemble the shape of an elephant, although it is not exactly 100% like an elephant but we can imagine the shape that approaches the shape of an elephant. Where these rocky elephants also have fairy tales, in short the elephant is an elephant from the Heavenly Kingdom who is said to have been a long time ago that the Emperor's Sky was coming down and playing to the city of Guilin. The Elephant was very fascinated by the beauty of the city of Guilin, so that when the Jade Emperor returned to its place, the Elephant remained on the earth and became an elephant-shaped stone. This place has a beautiful view with cool and fresh air in October. Lots of photo spots here. When you visit China and to the city of Guilin this place is one of the places to visit. If you like to shop on foot there is a shopping place close to this extraordinary place especially at night.

a year ago

Steve Austin Steve Austin

Could have been a great scenic spot provided you visit during the proper season but by then it can be rather crowded. Boat ride available if the river hasn't dried out yet. Do visit both in daytime as well as night when it is lit up by artificial lighting.

2 years ago


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