Jingjiang Princes' Palace

Jingjiang Princes' Palace

Address: Zhonghua Rd, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi, China


Christine Lee Christine Lee

Get yourself one of the many staff guide for a historical tour of the place; learn more about the origins of 福 字. Only here the Osmantus tree continues to flower in winter. We were brought to tour the location where the imperial exams were held in ancient times. A fun interactive experience.

4 months ago

Ruiyang Chai Ruiyang Chai

Fabulous place . We have been walking very long way when the bus drop us . And all the historical journey or historical appellation . A little hill/mountain to carry on “clandestine love affair “ the ethnic Chinese , as told by Tour Guide ... hahaha , and it really quite tiring reaching the top . Public-use restroom provided with air-conditioning system :)

2 months ago

Rays Yu Rays Yu

Awesome food with good price. Great little city for visit.

3 months ago

Tony Guo Tony Guo

Residence of the local prince during the Ming dynasty (a great nephew of the first emperor of Ming). Fairly elaborate grounds. There was also a mock Imperial exam for the tourist groups, which was a hoot (especially for those who can't read Chinese).

2 years ago

Sang Pengabdi Sang Pengabdi

Best view point to take a look around

4 months ago


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