Musée Civilisations noires

Musée Civilisations noires

Address: Dakar, Senegal


Raquel Scott Raquel Scott

Overall the museum is very nice. Beautiful architecture. Nice staff. There is still a lot in development so it'll be nice to see it when it's complete. Seeing as that it's the largest museum of Black Civilization I presumed that it was a tourist attraction and, as most museums do, there would be translations in multipled languages or listening devices with tours in multiple languages, but that is incorrect. Everything is in French and there isn't a guidebook or anything to assist so I didn't even know where to start. That leads me to believe it's only targeting French speakers of West Africa and France as visitors. That's very unfortunate. I hoped the diaspora would be able to learn some of our history, but we could only observe without any explanation.

2 months ago

Babatunde Sangowawa Babatunde Sangowawa

Beautifully designed museum, lovely layout and well maintained. Very informative of what was being displayed

2 months ago

Sally Sally

You will see things about history and the source of modern civilization you’ve never heard, read or seen before.

5 months ago

P-H Erwin P-H Erwin

A bit empty but very interesting exhibits

3 months ago

Bolu Bolu

Very good initiative. Wished the information was translated into English, Portuguese, etc. for other African visitors.

4 months ago


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