Museo de Arte Precolombino

Museo de Arte Precolombino

Address: Nazarenas 231, Cusco 08002, Peru


Thayne Tuason Thayne Tuason

The artifacts and presentation is good except the vast majority of them are from coastal people (except the last two focused on Incas and colonial period religious paintings), yet the written descriptions still tried to make it seem like they were Andean cultures and tried to explain everything from a comparatively modern Andean point of view. They are all Peruvian cultures surely, but I think the Incas already took enough local culture and belief away from people when they subjugated them, no need to go back in time too. Please give the coastal people credit where credit is due.

6 months ago

gretchen pickett gretchen pickett

Amazing restaurant at an amazing museum. World class in every way. The restaurant was incredible!

2 months ago

Niels Devisscher Niels Devisscher

Wonderful museum, beautifully designed and the artifacts amazingly displayed. We learned a lot during our visit. Information also in English and French. We visited the museum in the evening (it's open til 10pm) and were literally alone there.

5 months ago

Ariel Rosen Ariel Rosen

Beautiful museum with fantastic English signs for all the exhibits. I learned so much and loved how they tied the old artifacts in to inspiration for modern artists.

5 months ago

David David

Easy to get to and easy to buy tickets, they were 20 sol. They have two floors. There's a big room on each floor and a couple smaller rooms. They have audio headsets if you don't want to read everything. The descriptions we're in three languages including English. They have a top notch gift shop and bar/restaurant on the first floor.

12 months ago


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