Riyue Shuangta Cultural Park

Riyue Shuangta Cultural Park

Address: Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guilin, China


Did G Did G

Beautiful point of view for the pagode during the evening

a month ago

Gunnar Caya Gunnar Caya

Pretty little lake with two similar yet slightly different looking pagodas in it. Particularly beautiful at night when the sun and moon pagodas are lit up in white and orange. A nice place to take a walk and relax without having to pay any money to do so. Right in the center of all the other attractions in Guilin city, so it is absolutely worth a visit.

9 months ago

Ji Z Ji Z

Such a tranquil and beautiful walk around the lakes, particularly during off peak seasons. Unique pagodas.

6 months ago

Niv Achdut Niv Achdut

Nice view, can take a boat to see the towers up close

10 months ago

李小乐 李小乐

Very beautiful lake. There is a peninsula extend to the lake where you can take picture. You can also watch local lifestyle around this lake. Also, there are very beautiful double tower nearby. When visit Guilin, I highly recommend you visit this place because it is beautiful and very scenic.

a year ago


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