Solitary Beauty Peak Prince City Scenic Area

Solitary Beauty Peak Prince City Scenic Area

Address: China, Guangxi, Guilin, Xiufeng District, Donghua Rd, 王城1


Gunnar Caya Gunnar Caya

Great views from atop the peak, and inside the scenic area has a neat artsy feel to it. Unfortunately most of the exhibits in the various museums/buildings in the park are written only in Chinese, and the price is really high as far as Chinese parks go, especially considering what you get to see as a part of the ticket. Would still recommend overall, but the nearby Fuboshan Park is a quarter of the price and boasts better views from the top

9 months ago

Mike Sun Mike Sun

It's okay for the price charged for entrance which is 100 rmbs. I didn't minded so much. I paid it since I wanted to climb the stairs up the peak. Since I don't speak or read Chinese I just didn't bother with other stuffs . The view as you climb is good at best. Like I say , I found the stairs climbing more interesting.

7 months ago

Ronald WU Ronald WU

During my first time here in 1987, this place was surrounded by a lot of natural scenic areas. But when I travelled again in 2019, the place was surrounded by all sorts of buildings in a tightly squeezed way.

7 months ago

Austin Chang Austin Chang

Expensive entry ticket.

7 months ago


very cool place

2 years ago


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