Yangshuo Lijiang River Scenic Area

Yangshuo Lijiang River Scenic Area

Address: Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi, China


Neozaru Neozaru

It's been raining when I went there but it kind of gave it a mystic feeling. Took a bus from Yangshuo to some port on the west end of the river and then took a boat to another port before walking to Xingping. From there I could catch a bus back if I remember correctly

a year ago

genie genie

Beautiful view. The river cruise crew are very good in mass tourism business. They sell food (fried fish, fried prawn and fried sweet potatoes) in the cruise. They help tourist taking photos for free- including guide them for posing. The fishermen will rent the ' bird' as a prop. They then print the photo with specific frame. And charge 30RMB for each copy of photo.

a year ago

Kayattiri Nadisan Kayattiri Nadisan

Just came back from Guilin holiday. Stayed for 5 days and the weather was cold throughout the days and nights for five continuous days (6/7 Celsius). Enjoy the nature and it gifts. First time to China and ain't regret about it.

a year ago

Luxe Print Pte Ltd Luxe Print Pte Ltd

This is an old street of Yangshou, nothing much to shout about. Just 2 streets of old buildings selling souvenirs, local gifts, cafes and street food. Could have done better. I can see they are upgrading, probably more shops to attract in the near future!!

a year ago

Dayne Richards Dayne Richards

Some of the most breath taking scenery one can find. The entire area is out of a Getaway magazine. Hire a scooter and venture away from the town into the neighbouring villages, find quieter river areas to swim in and immerse yourself in the more authentic Chinese culture.

2 years ago


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